Customer Service in 2018 – How things have changed and what to expect.

October 17, 2018Olivia Cheetham

The importance of providing great customer service has always been an important element of the business service mix, and these days’ customers have come to expect exceptional service all the time, as standard, in any sector.

Many businesses have turned to technology to help them reach exceptional service standards that are expected. Advances in technology have allowed us to automate various systems and services. Whether used by people or by Artificial Intelligence (A.I), chat support or chatbots which are definitely on the rise. This advent of “chat support” is allowing consumers to have access to information almost immediately by someone knowledgeable, who works within the business.

The rise of A.I (not just within chat support) has therefore contributed to the improvement in customer service levels, however, it is being used with caution due to the uncertainty around A.I at the moment. Adopting new technology often makes businesses, and staff nervous, so it is how you integrate into your business that is the important consideration.  In some cases, A.I could essentially replace customer service staff members by automating the system. Therefore this does raise the questions over the ethics of A.I and whether we should be valuing technology over actual employees. There is no doubt that the personal touch is just as important and should not be excluded completely.  Some people still like to talk to a human, so you need to understand your customers and how they want to communicate with you and provide them with a variety of channels.

One of these channels needs to be Social Media which now also plays a key role in customer service. Consumers are now expecting “real-time” communications and one of the best ways to do this is to use Social Media. A recent survey showed that Facebook messaging is the second-most popular form of communication for customers when interacting with brands. With consumers sending around 1 billion messages each month, businesses should not overlook the impact of Social Media and should spend time each week or even each day, looking after the business pages. It is worth investing time and money into Social Media to improve the levels of customer service that are offered.

In conjunction with the rise of Social Media, businesses have to pay more attention to their online reviews. If someone is unhappy with the service they have received, it is now so easy for consumers to leave bad comments or reviews on a variety of social media platforms which can have a massive impact for future trade. People are also far more likely to leave a review when they receive bad customer service, it can be very difficult for business to build up positive reviews no matter how well they deal with customers. Because of this, bad reviews can build up and give an incorrect impression of your business. Getting your customer service right and making your customers happy in the first place will help avoid those bad reviews!

Whilst video marketing has been around for quite a quite a while “video voicemails”, as they are commonly called, are a relatively new idea. Using video to speak to potential customers that have enquired, not only looks great but helps incorporate that personal touch that the majority of business are looking for. Whilst this is a fairly new concept a lot of big business such as Google and even Apple have been investing in this software, so be prepared to see more video voicemail in the future!

At Easypay, customer service is crucial to us. We believe that recruitment is a people business and always will be. Therefore we have the right people in place to be able to help you succeed in recruitment. Our team have over 45 years’ worth of recruitment experience and are ready to help whenever you may need them!

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