Does using an agency benefit your business and your recruitment strategy?

January 30, 2019Olivia Cheetham

Job vacancy levels are the on the rise and recruitment agencies are doing well, with a record 9,001 recruitment agencies established in 2017 and the number of agencies surpassing 40,000 in 2018. The recruitment sector can at times be given a bad reputation but clearly, there is most definitely the demand to use agencies to find employees. Why is this that? Or are we preaching to the converted? I’m sure as an agency owner you will agree that using a recruitment agency brings many benefits.

Increasingly agencies are moving into and becoming experts in niche sectors, where they are trusted to find highly qualified, specialist staff yielding better results compared to simply posting an advert on a job board. The demand for highly skilled, sector-specific workers is continually on the rise but the talent pool is not rising to meet this demand. This is where recruitment agencies can be invaluable! Agencies in niche sectors will already have refined databases of workers that may be best fit, this cut’s the initial work for employers who would post the role on job boards/social media etc, then have to wade through the responses. This takes time and can never guarantee you will find someone suitable for the job role, let alone an assessment of the cultural fit. Recruitment agencies already have the contacts and connections in place to reach those hard to find candidates giving you access to a wider talent pool.

Not only does using a recruitment agency save time for a business, it can sometimes save money too in the long run. Using a recruitment agency obviously comes at an initial financial cost but invariably, the time saved searching for suitable candidates balances, if not outweighs the cost. Candidates supplied by an agency are appraised of the job requirement and are usually qualified to be able to perform the duties of the role, thus often saving both time and money in initial staff training.

Building a relationship with a recruitment agency helps to build a deeper understanding of the people and culture of an organisation which will bring benefits to all parties. As a business grows, or they experience the normal churn in their workforce, there may be call for the agency’s services again, from their knowledge gained of your business, they will be equipped to provide high-quality candidates that suit your businesses culture. Equally beneficial, an agency may put forward a candidate you didn’t necessarily need but based on their knowledge of the business profile, the trust built with the agency may mean you are prepared to give a candidate a chance.

A huge benefit to using recruitment agencies is simply the fact that they offer a temporary staffing solution. You may unexpectedly experience a member of the team that is sick, maternity leave, or a peak in seasonal workload and you need cover but not permanently. Recruitment agencies are experts in providing temporary staff and will have a database of people ready and able to fill temporary roles. You can be assured they will come in and do the job needed, without having to recruit or offering a permanent role.

There are many benefits to working with recruitment agencies and as the prediction is that the talent pool will continue to shrink, the demand for staff will only increase. The number of agencies is rising year on year, leading to the potential for a saturated market, but by developing your niche and with vacancy levels rising too, there is plenty of room in the sector.

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