How to market your recruitment business in 2019.

March 25, 2019Olivia Cheetham

Promoting your recruitment business is vital if you want to succeed and continue to grow.  There are a variety of marketing techniques available to help you achieve this. You must always explore new marketing opportunities as well as improving your existing ones. In 2019 we know technology will continue to play an important part in a business’s ability to market and communicate with their audience. We are going to look at the key techniques you need to be considering to market successfully throughout the year.

Content is king and a good content marketing plan is very import. Having quality, original content helps position and showcase you as an expert in your field. If a customer is satisfied that you are knowledgeable in your sector they are more likely to instruct you and use your services. Whether it’s through a blog or a social media post, having original content is key to successful online marketing. You may think that creating content can be hard or complicated, but you are simply taking what you already know and putting it into a format that is useful to your audience and potential customers. Video marketing has increasingly become a popular channel via which you can distribute and share your knowledge. The stats show that video’s on LinkedIn receive three times more engagement on average than standard text posts. Creating videos doesn’t have to be complicated, there are many apps available that allow you to record straight from your mobile so it is worth researching the various apps that are able to assist you.

Throughout 2018 Artificial Intelligence (A.I) was a hot topic with many discussion around how it will affect the recruitment industry, through job automation and A.I driven marketing. Whilst A.I is still in its infancy, more and more business are choosing to use some form of machine learning to market to their sectors. One example is through lead scoring. Machines are now able to take data or ‘leads’ and apply certain factors to it to determine how ‘hot’ they are. This can be particularly useful in B2B businesses where sales can occur over a long period of time. It helps identify the right priorities for sales team’s so they know where best to focus the majority of their time and resources. Also, because the leads are categorised by machine it will be a much quicker process, simply input your data and the system works out your lead score instantly.

Another expanding sector in A.I is the use of voice search. Many mobiles and smartphones now have to ability to use voice searches. Siri, Google, Bixby are all examples of machine learning that use voice search. Simply ask your request and A.I will examine the speech and deliver the most suitable results. Voice search will no doubt expand rapidly as things become increasingly automated.

Our final technique for A.I marketing is to use targeted ads. Have you been researching a holiday online and then a few days later seen an advert for the exact same holiday and website on a different page?  This is because your web browser tracks your cookies and the machine learning will then display ads it knows are relevant. The technique is known as remarketing and whilst it is very popular in B2C marketing, there are certainly opportunities for B2B business to consider.

Email marketing will continue to be important in 2019 even after the introduction of GDPR. Many thought that the new data protection legislation would be the end of email marketing, but this simply hasn’t been the case. Businesses have had to rethink their email marketing strategies, but it has by no means put an end to them. Businesses now need to ensure that when they email market, they are contacting people who have consented or to business addresses of those in the same sector under legitimate interest. We have recently seen the first large fine due to GDPR be awarded to Google for breaching data protection. They were fined £44 Million due to the breach so ensure you are taking GDPR seriously when you market via email.

Marketing will continue to be key in 2019 and there will always be new and improving techniques to grow and promote your business. Here at Easypay, we can assist with your marketing needs by providing bespoke advice, as well as logo, letterhead, and business card designs as part of our service. We are the experts in 100% recruitment finance and back-office solutions for Recruitment Agencies.

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