Looking back at 2018 and what to expect from 2019.

January 29, 2019Olivia Cheetham

2018 was an interesting year for many reasons, both good and bad. Here are a few reminders…

We were all affected by the ‘Beast from the East’ in March which hit the whole country bringing more snow than we had seen in a while. Schools were closed and roads were shut which had a substantial impact on businesses, however, it was good to see families taking advantage of the snow days with sledding and snowball fights! The ‘Beast from the East’ combined with Storm Emma meant we endured some horrible weather for more than 3 weeks!

Whilst our Winter weather was awful, our Summer weather could not have been more different! This year we actually had a sustained period of warm weather which seemed to lift the mood of the whole country! This, coupled with England’s fantastic performance at the World Cup which united the nation, meant we had an unforgettable summer in 2018. The country were living in hope that ‘Football was coming home’ but it just wasn’t meant to be. But we will always have the memories of Kieran Trippier’s freekick against Croatia!

2018 also seemed to be the year of the Drone with many stories being released over the use and control of them. Gatwick Airport was the big victim of 2018 having to cancel all flights for 3 days whilst the drone was flown over the airfield. We are still no closer to finding out who was flying the drone but it clearly caused significant disruption. Talks are now focused on how they can be policed and more crucially how they can be stopped from causing damage and disruption. Near-miss incidents involving drones and aircraft have more than tripled  which shows the need for a new system.

A highlight of the year for many was watching the marriage of Prince Harry and Megan Markle, who are now also expecting their first child. A royal wedding is always a cause for celebration in the UK and this year was no different. Around 50 million people watched the ceremony from around the world, with it being praised for moving away from the more traditional royal ceremony.

We sadly lost some notable names in 2018 including Steven Hawking, Aretha Franklin, Stan Lee, Mac Miller and DJ Avicii who will all be missed as we move into 2019.

Brexit will continue to dominate the headlines for 2019 (as it has done for the past few months!) with the UK due to leave the EU in March. However, with the majority of details still to be agreed, this date is looking less and less likely. After Teresa May’s Brexit bill suffered unprecedented defeats in the Commons earlier this month and as various amendments are tabled for tonight’s vote, there remains a lack of clarity and consensus. People are unsure exactly what sort of impact it will have on their businesses and personal lives. Recruitment agencies are already feeling the effects of the skills shortage due to Brexit with many anticipating that a ‘no-deal’ would only make the prospect of someone coming to work in the UK less appealing than it already is. The Healthcare sector has been hit massively with the number of nurses in the UK decreasing faster than the nurses hired. A recent CIPD study showed that 44% of employers struggled to recruit staff in 2018 primarily because of Brexit. The UK will be monitoring the progression of Brexit very carefully.

What have been your highlights of 2018 and what are you looking forward to in the New Year?

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