Our Solution...

100% Invoice Funding

With our easy funding solution, we process your payroll, pay your workers, generate your invoice, match the timesheet, chase the payment and pay you your margin.

Bad Debt Protection

We tell you in advance what bad debt protection is available so that you can supply knowing your risk is covered in the event of insolvency.

Margin Paid on a Friday

With our 100% funding option, you are guaranteed your margin in your account on a Friday, the same day your workers are paid.

Online Portal

TOM, our client portal. TOM seamlessly integrates with our 100% funding solutions, offering the ability to pay and fund your workers simultaneously.


Everything Easypay does for its customers is in the customers name, with the customers own logo and branding. We offer access to a FREE logo and branding service

Expert Team

With Easypay its personal. We may have modern technology but recruitment is a people business. We understand the need to be able to speak to the team and how much more effective the relationship is with good communication.

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