The Recruitment Sector – what lies ahead…

November 13, 2017eps_admin

In case you missed the recent APSCo Seminar at the Recruitment Expo, we wanted to share some highlights on the outlook for the sector as we creep closer to the close of 2017.

The latest CBI survey shows that 69% of employers couldn’t find the right highly-skilled staff, compared to 55% last year, and this will remain an ongoing concern driven by:

The ageing populationBrexit – it is likely to decrease net immigrationDemands for flexibility as existing talent are keen to strive the right work life balance.

But this presents an opportunity for the sector, as employers increasingly need to rely on agency support and expertise to source the right skilled candidates for them and their business.

As with any sector, technology is increasingly improving processes and this includes the tools available for sourcing, screening and matching candidates for the right roles. These are tools that both benefit the sector, but also act as a threat as candidates and employers can choose to use some tools themselves. But are they producing the right results for them?

How employers structure their teams is also changing and there are trends that show what is becoming the new reality of some job functions:

Project based teams rather than function onesShift from ‘hours worked’ to ‘results achieved’The hyper-connected workforce means that work is no longer a place to go but more a task to perform The rise of non-standard forms or work and portfolio working is leading to a decoupling of job and work where people might be jobless but not workless.

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This shift in the ‘world of work’ runs alongside a changing workforce. When recruiters and employers explore the candidate market Generation Z (those born between 1994 – 2010) are adding a different perspective to the workforce landscape with different attitudes and approaches to work. Trends show they are:

More entrepreneurial

Less influenced by money

Look to work for an honest leader

Want to be taken seriously

Want to ‘belong’ in an organisation and have choices.

To meet these ongoing challenges agencies need to look at their approach and be innovative – focusing on niches and ensuring super efficiency in processes and service were just two points highlighted during the Expo. It is a competitive market out there so articulating your unique proposition clearly and distinctly will only work in your favour. Clients across all sectors, not just in recruitment, are looking for that bit extra but businesses need to make sure they are providing the right added value that their clients will appreciate.

So what does the future of the recruitment agency offering look like:

Career management

Managed services

Consultancy services


Talent acquisition

Market intelligence

Do you have the right team in place yourself to help you achieve this?

Interest to hear more – then get planning to the next Expo in 2018….

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