Working in Partnership with Centric Flow

Workwell has an aspiration to be the biggest and the best provider of back-office services, and has acquired three businesses in that space:  Easypay Services, Workr Solutions, and Eden Group. Together, they’re a formidable supplier to the recruitment sector. 

As a leading back-office service provider, we know how an efficient CRM can enhance an agency’s performance, so we’re partnering with Centric Flow to align their outstanding Advanced Recruitment CRM to our new integrated payroll platform using Eden Group technology, which we’ll be launching in the autumn.  

In today’s challenging times, recruiters need a CRM that’s continually updating to ever-changing legislation and technologies. Their powerful Advanced Recruitment CRM enables agencies to plan, organise, measure and manage day-to-day operations and compliance with ease, with seamless integration into existing back-office solutions. 

We’re very excited about this partnership and the benefits it will deliver for our clients. Discover more about the features of Centric Flow here.